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Welcome to the first issue of the APEX Open Science Data Set!

We are very pleased to make the first APEX (Airborne Prism Experiment)  imaging spectrometer data set available to the remote sensing community. We sincerely hope that this data set will assist you in gaining insights into the huge potential of APEX and help you in assessing its applicability to your domain of spectroscopy research.

Quicklook of the APEX Open Science Data Set (City of Lägeren, CH)

Data Acquisition

The APEX Open Science Data Set was acquired during an APEX flight campaign in June 2011. APEX was mounted on a Dornier DO-228 research aircraft operated by Flight Operation and Acquisition of DLR (German Space Agency).

Data were acquired on a clear day from a flight altitude of 4600m above sea level with a heading of 56° in the vicinity of Baden, Switzerland.

Data Usage Policy

The APEX Open Science Data Set may be freely used. Any publication utilising the APEX Open Science Data Set is to reference the following paper:
Schaepman, M., Jehle, M., Hueni, A., D'Odorico, P., Damm, A., Weyermann, J., Schneider, F. D., Laurent, V., Popp, C., Seidel, F. C., Lenhard, K., Gege, P., Küchler, C., Brazile, J., Kohler, P., Vos, L. D., Meuleman, K., Meynart, R., Schläpfer, D., Itten, K. I., 2015 (in print). Advanced radiometry measurements and Earth science applications with the Airborne Prism Experiment (APEX). Remote Sensing of Environment


Data Download

The dataset consists of an image cube and corresponding flyer providing more details on the processing.

Please click here to download the APEX Open Science Data Set

Please click here to view/download the APEX dataset information flyer

Ground truth data

The ground truth data set consists of the region of interest file and spectral signatures, and a corresponding leaflet providing more details.

Please click here to download the description of the ground truth data (leaflet)

Please click here to download the APEX OSD ground truth data