Status - August 2019:
In June and July areas in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France and Portugal have been flown with our Swiss partner.

Status - October 2018:
From June till October several areas all over Europe have been flown with a Swiss partner.
These areas are located in Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Germany.

Status - September 2016:
Once again areas have been recorded succesfully with the DLR aircraft D-CFFU for flight campaigns in Lithuania and Switzerland.

Status - July 2016:
This period we have flown areas in Switzerland, Germany and Belgium.

Status - April 2016:
Successful flights have been performed with the DLR aircraft D-CFFU for flight campaigns in Germany and Switzerland.

Status - September 2015:
After successful campaigns throughout Europe APEX has been build out of the airplane.

Status - July 2015:
APEX flights in Belgium and Switzerland are covered succesfully.

Status - April 2015:
First APEX flights of 2015 have been flown, areas in Luxemburg, Belgium and Switzerland are covered succesfully.
Preparations for upcoming areas throughout Europe are ongoing.

Status - October 2014:Overview_2014
In September areas in Italy (Mantua Lake) and Switzerland (Swiss National Park) were covered successfully. After these campaigns APEX went to Germany for calibration. Quicklooks of the 2014 campaigns are available here.

Status - July 2014:
APEX has again been build in the DO-228 airplane at DLR Braunschweig, this time for flight areas in Hungary (Balaton), France (Compiègne), Switzerland (Reference sites, EPFL sites), Germany (Ibbenbueren), the Netherlands (Rotterdam) and Belgium (Demervalley, Liereman, Ostend).

Status - April 2014:
APEX is ready for a new season of flight campaigns.
The APEX instrument was build-in the DO-228 airplane at DLR Braunschweig for a flight campaign in the Swiss region (Laegern, Oensingen, Genfersee, Zurichsee), and has successfully performed these flights.


APEX Campaigns 2013:Overview_2013
The APEX campaigns that were planned in June, July, August and September in several locations in Europe have been finished successfully. Locations in Belgium, Switzerland, France, Italy and Czech Republic were covered.

If you are interested to acquire APEX images, please download the flight request form (xlsx) from the website and send the completed form to .  We will then provide you with a price estimation and preliminar flight plan and after your agreement will try to cluster your requests with the already planned flights. Flights for the upcoming period are planned in Belgium, Switzerland and France.


The APEX sensor has been deployed in Hungary for an archeology project at Sarviz valley end of March –beginning of April 2013, and in May at different locations in Switzerland.


APEX Campaigns 2012
In  2012 campaigns area's in Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany, Poland and Czech Republic were covered.
Quicklooks of these area's flown in June/July and September 2012 are now online, go and have a look!!


APEX Campaigns 2011
Area's in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Luxemburg and Belgium were flown in 2011, quicklooks of these area's are also available.